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Strangest Laws in Arizona

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"Strangest Laws in Arizona"
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It sure is interesting researching strange state laws. It is amazing to think these are still in our book of laws for the state of Arizona. Many of these first came about back in the old west days as you will obviously notice.

The United States Army at one time were involved in an experiment where they used camels in the desert area. The experiment did not go so well and ended up failing. The camels were released and protected by a law on the books which states hunting them is prohibited. Interesting.

This law likely came about due to the summer temperatures which can easily reach 120 degrees. It is unlawful to refuse to give someone a glass of water. Law was likely put into the books to reduce deaths from dehydration as Arizona does have a large population of homeless people. Arizona businesses are required to follow this law and if they do not the penalty is pretty stiff.

It is illegal in the state of Arizona to make and sell imitation cocaine. Many people who made cocaine were not informing the buyer. When getting caught by the law the charges would not hold up in court when it was known the cocaine was not the real thing. 

In Tucson, Arizona it is illegal for any woman to wear a pair of pants. This is likely a law that came about back in the old west days when women were required to only wear dresses. It is not followed today.

In Arizona you can't let your donkey fall asleep in a bathtub. It is just fine to give him a bath in the tub but you have to make sure the poor thing does not fall asleep in it.

If you are ever in Arizona and attacked by a criminal, it is ok to fight back just as long as you do so with the same weapon the attacker had.

It is illegal for more than 6 girls to reside under one roof or in one house. This had to have been put in the law books back when the west was wild to cut down on brothels. There has to be many Arizona families who have 6 children that are all girls. Something to ponder.

In Mohave County, if you are caught stealing a bar of soap you must then wash yourself with it until it is gone. Does this mean washing with the whole bar of soap at one time or using it over a certain period of time?

In Tombstone, Arizona a man or woman cannot smile if more than one missing tooth is visible. In Prescott, Arizona you cannot ride your horse up the stairs of the County Courthouse as this is illegal. You must park your horse on the curb to obey this law.

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