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How to Win in Traffic Court

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"How to Win in Traffic Court"
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Traffic Court

Carrie Butler's shining moment in traffic court came about as a result of an unfortunate encounter with a nasty cop. He was on patrol in a little country burg just outside of Wooster, Ohio. Carrie was trying out a new way home that fateful day when she received a traffic citation.

The beginning of an ill-fated run of events began with getting stuck waiting at a red light behind a big coal-hauling truck. Positioned on an incline, the only traffic light in Mt. Eaton changed from red to green. Carrie followed behind the truck, assuming that at least two vehicles could make it through the green light. Then she proceeded to turn the corner without really being able to see the light.

Just at that moment, an airborne fragment of debris blew through the open window and into her eye.

She was already pulling onto the soft shoulder when, suddenly, red-flashing lights flooded the interior of the car. Soon the officer was standing next to the car beginning the routine.

"Did you know you went through a red light back there?"

Carrie tugged at her eyelashes in an effort to dislodge the thing in her eye, but the cop was oblivious to her dilemma even though it should have been apparent.

"Do you think you could help me? she asked. Can you see something in my eye?"

The officer looked briefly, answered no, and proceeded on his mission of writing the traffic citation.

Feeling victimized at this point, Carrie felt a surge of righteous indignation. She decided then that she would seek an appeal in traffic court..

The Day in Traffic Court

Wearing her best little pin striped suit and a dainty, vintage blouse, Carrie began going over the scenario that she had rehearsed for traffic court at least a dozen times. But when she stood up to speak, stage fright set in, and it wiped out almost all that she had tried to remember about her strategy. And it happened right when it was time for her to cross-examine the policeman.

While she had the floor, she asked random, seemingly unrelated questions, and lots of them. The cop was sullen - evidently angry about being in traffic court. He answered the questions vaguely if at all. She was hoping to regain her presence of mind while her forty questions served as a stall.

She finally asked the cop to make a drawing of where he was staked out. That's when it became evident that he didn't have a clear enough view to justify the ticket.

In the end, the judge determined that the policeman had too many factors that he didn't know about the situation. The multiple unplanned questions had saved the day. Carrie won.


This is a true story experienced by this writer. The name has been changed just for fun. The officer's name was soon forgotten. In conclusion there are two things to remember:

1.) Never take that same route home again

2.) Ask lots of detailed questions to help win in traffic court

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