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How to tell if your Neighbors are Dealing Drugs and what to do about it

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"How to tell if your Neighbors are Dealing Drugs and what to do about it"
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Drug dealers/users come in many shapes and ages and live many different life styles. By stereotyping the way a person dresses or the music they listen to is not the answer to knowledge of who is and who is not a drug dealer. Not all people who wear baggy clothes and/or listen to rap music are drug users. Many high profile rappers are born again Christians, and others are openly against drug use. Many of these people who are rappers also wear bandannas and are not part of gang life.

If something does not feel right in a neighborhood then it more than likely mean that something is not right. A person should keep and an open mind that all drug dealers/users don't look alike as they can come in various ages, sex, race, and social status. Always be certain that the suspicion is real before going to the police. Nosey neighbors are sometimes worse than the drug dealer themselves. Bringing undue stress to a family who just has many friends or a bunch of college students with a lot of traffic into a house is not the best way to go.

When there has been a quiet neighborhood for a very long time then suddenly the traffic starts to increase to a particular house on the block at all times of the day or night. First be observant to determine if it is just a social light, college student or possible a drug dealer/user. The first thing you should do is watch from a distance trying not to be seen, to observe the new traffic. If these people are of all ages and sizes and there does not seem to be any rhyme or reason what the connection to the one house would be it may seem fair to assume that this may be a drug house. Drug dealer can be dangerous if approached with the wrong attitude or if they feel like they are being cornered or watched.

Other evidence that there are drug deals going on in a home is people will sometimes bring in electronics and items of value to the home and come out with nothing that is visible. At times people will drive up to the house with one or two of the occupants of the car entering into the house while others stay in the vehicle and they stay in the house for only a minute or two. Increases in criminal activities in the neighborhood are also an indication that drug use is within a neighborhood. The house may have added security surveillance systems facing all entry ways of the property to watch for police activities and to protect the property from thieves. Increased verbal arguments around the premises or in vehicles around the premises are also signs of something not being right, many drug dealers/users are aggressive verbally.

Starting a neighborhood watch is one of the best defenses, and then weekly or nightly meetings are in a specific place to discuss any new issues/concerns arising around the neighborhood. Either with the neighborhood watch or individually watch this traffic without being noticed. Carefully keep track of the cars that come and leave within a few minutes from arriving, if photos can be taken of cars, occupants, and visitors, if there is access to a digital camera have the digital time stamp on it. Take down the tag from the car. Keep track of repeat cars with special attention to give to the police officer. An on-line brochure is available that has a great tracking grid with all the information that should be kept for the police, the web address is: http://www.accesskansas.org/kbi/PDF/brochures/Is%20That%20House%20a%20Drug%20House%20brochure.pdf.

There may be enough evidence to send to the narcotics squad of your local police force. Police forces with narcotic squads will probably try to arrest one of the people who frequent the house to get a inside person, an informant who they can offer a deal to in exchange for making controlled buys for them or bring one of the undercover officers in to make the controlled buy. When the officers have done their own surveillance on a home and had a few controlled buys that will seal the deal they will request the court for a search and seizure warrant for the house. The courts will ask for evidence that this house has suspicious activities going on, a court will not usually issue a court order on just testimony of another person so hard facts that can been seen or heard need to be collected so the warrant can be issued. A person should weigh out their fears before giving their own names or agree to testify in any court actions, a drug deal can be dangerous and want to retaliate to keep someone quiet. Always keep safety a priority for all those individuals that are involved.

In the end when the dealer is gone the neighborhood has been reclaimed to be the quiet neighborhood that it once was. Some of the traffic will continue until all of the clientele has found out the drug dealer is in trouble with the police but the neighborhood will be quieter after all the court dealings are finished.

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