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How to Pre Screen yourself for a Ccw Conceal Carry Weapon Permit

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"How to Pre Screen yourself for a Ccw Conceal Carry Weapon Permit"
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When someone wants a Conceal and Carry Weapon's permit, the only thing worse than the frustration of applying for one is being rejected. To avoid the hassle, embarrassment and potential legal problems that can arise upon applying and being rejected, pre-screen yourself and your record.

Taking these actions can save the cost of application and courses, which run from the hundreds to the thousands of dollars, depending on where you live.

1. Pay all child support and state and federal fines. In many jurisdictions, owing money in support and fines can prevent you from getting a new license or renewing an existing one. If you don't want to go to the courthouse and ask what fines you have outstanding, pull your credit report. All unpaid fines, loans, and obligations that are unpaid and past due will be listed there.

2. Get caught up on your student loans. In many states, such as Texas, this can disqualify you form a CCW.

3. Do a criminal background check on yourself. Unlike a credit report check which may show identity theft and debts that you did not incur, a background check may find someone who entered your information to avoid a criminal record in their own name; which has far more ramifications than financial liability.

4. If there is a protective order against you, seek to have it dismissed. This information is available at the local court house or can be found by running a criminal background check on yourself.

5. If you have been listed as having a mental disorder, this will prevent you from qualifying for a CCW. Request your health insurance records, but do so as part of a personal health records audit. Unfortunately, in some states, something as simple as alcoholism treatment ten years prior or counseling over a loved one's death and a short term prescription for antidepressants could disqualify someone. An ADD diagnosis can trigger this legal safety mechanism. Find out what records the state has in this regard and have it corrected if necessary.

(Note: everyone should have a full copy of their medical records for review, whether to ensure that there is no incorrect information from a doctor's mistake, identity theft, or the wrong file stuck in your records in the distant past.)

6. Complete a qualified gun training course in your state, even if you are familiar with firearms. Have a printed copy of the proof of having taken the class, whether you are taking it for the first time or have taken it in the past.

7. Own a regulation gun safe and gun locks. Have proof of ownership, such as receipts, when filling out the paperwork.

8. Have your photo taken in advance by an approved photographer. Many businesses that take passport photos can also take pictures for a CCW. Have extra copies as a precaution.

By following the above steps you should be well on your way to obtaining your CCW. Above all else, be as prepared as you can be. Doing so will help you to avoid unnecessary delays and the possibility of your application being rejected.

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