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How to File a Complaint about a Neighbor in the UK

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"How to File a Complaint about a Neighbor in the UK"
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No matter where you live in the world, no one can escape noisy or troublesome neighbors, but not every country follows the same procedures when filing a complaint. In the United Kingdom, there are several ways to file a complaint against your neighbors. If your neighbors are nice people, but their dogs mess up your lawn, to stay on good terms with these people, you might benefit from calmly explaining to them why you are upset and how you wish they would fix the situation. This approach to the situation can maintain a friendship or an understanding of boundary rules before terminating the relationship with a complaint. If the worst comes to the worst, then filing a complaint will be your only option.

If your neighbors are reckless and destructive, then it’s best to file a complaint without trying to talk to your neighbors about the situation because they might attack you, escalating the situation. Once you file a complaint, your neighbors will never look at you in the same way again, but filing a complaint will maintain the peace or result in your neighbor moving away.

To file a complaint against your neighbors, you have several options. If your neighbor is a tenant of the apartment building, then it is appropriate to contact the landlord to file a complaint. If the landlord receives too many complaints about the neighbors, the landlord will talk to the tenant, which can result in eviction. However, it is not wise to complain to the landlord about every neighbor that annoys you because it make the landlord assume you're the problem, so be sure to only complain if the situation is serious and not to get back at your neighbor.

If your complaint is about the neighbor sexually harassing you or making you feel uncomfortable in any way, you can file a complaint about the neighbor by calling the police. Your complaint may cause you to take court action against your neighbor. Court action is expensive unless your compliant is eligible for waived court fees. If your neighbor is disobeying the public health laws, resulting in pollution or a unsanitary living condition, you can complain to the environmental health department. The health department will investigate your neighbor and remedy the situation with the best possible procedure.

Your relationship with your neighbors will be damaged after you file a complaint against them. Nevertheless, don't feel guilty or sorry for filing a complaint because you are entitled to feel peaceful at home. Honestly, if your neighbors didn't want to sabotage your relationship, they would have remedied the situation before you had to take action by filing a complaint. 

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