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Filing False Child Abuse Reports

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"Filing False Child Abuse Reports"
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When people file false CPS reports, they should definately be arrested. When someone files a false child abuse report, it wastes the governments time and money. CPS has to file the paperwork, check out the report, and refer it to other agencies. CPS is wasting time that they could be using on the real child abuse cases.

A year ago, I was someone who had a false report made against me. My ex-husband couldn't find anything that I did wrong the entire time since I had my boys. My ex-husband, however, was a man who left an 11-month-old and a 2-year-old in the bathtub while he went outside to work on a car he wrecked the night before. Luckily, my non-breathing son was saved by timing. I came home just in time to save him. My ex-husband's residential time was very limited due to this very huge mistake he made. He wanted to strike revenge on me.

Zane, my youngest, had always had skin problems. I've taken him to the dermatologist many times. We've tried pills, creams, and anything else under the sun. I've even taken him to get his allergies tested. My ex-husband decided to use my son's skin as an excuse to call CPS.

My ex-husband claimed that I wasn't taking Zane to the dermatologist, that my house was full of cats, and that I didn't know what he was allergic to. First off, I have seen many dermatologists. I have never owned a cat in my life. In fact, I hate cats. And I've had my son tested for allergies.

I received a letter in the mail about the CPS report. Then, I called the social worker assigned to my case. We made an appointment for her to come over on a Wednesday. On a Tuesday she just showed up at my house. I had just got off of summer school. The house was clean. Of couse there was no cats. The air was clean. The social worker told me that I should sue my ex-husband for making a false report. If it happens again, I will.

By making that false report, he wasted CPS time, the social worker's time, social worker's gas that would be paid back by the state, wasted my time, and my children's time. And what did this do for my ex-husband? It gave him the satisfaction of bothering me. It gave him a free way to harass me and cause me stress.

When someone legit is calling about a real abuse case, maybe the social worker will be less likely to help that child. Maybe the case worker will think that it is just another jealous ex-husband/ex-wife. Maybe the social worker will think it's another wasted prank.

To sum this up, yes, people who make up false CPS report should be arrested. Not only should the liar be arrested, they should pay for the state's time and money that is wasted due to a false report. The liar should have to pay the person they made the false report about.

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